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Request a repair in your home or report a communal repair.  How to handle odd jobs and small repairs.

Report a repair online, by email or by calling 0800 694 3344 or 020 7527 5400.

If possible open a window as good ventilation helps to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

  • Request a repair online

    If you are an council tenant you can request to have non-emergency repairs done within your home using our online form

  • Communal repairs

    A communal repair is work required on internal or external parts of a building that is shared with all residents of a block or estate.

  • Emergency repairs

    If the problem poses a danger to your health or security you should call Housing Direct

  • Damp and mould

    Damp and mould can increase the risk of respiratory illness. Some damp is caused by condensation which you can take action to prevent. If there is an active leak in your property then you should contact the council to get it fixed.