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Request a repair online

If you are an Islington Council tenant, you can request non-emergency repairs within your home using our online form.

Our Repairs team are focusing on essential maintenance, safety checks and emergency repairs only to avoid going in to people’s homes where we don’t have to. Please do your bit and only telephone our Repairs Service if it is an emergency. Please report repairs by telephone only, not online. If you or anyone else in your household is self-isolating, please inform our staff when you report your repair so that we can plan to deliver the repairs appropriately.

You can use this form to request a non-emergency repair within your own home if you are a long-term Islington Council tenant and you’ve lived in your home for more than eight weeks.

You can’t request a repair this way if

  • the repair is an emergency (a danger to health or safety)
  • the problem is in a communal area of the building

or if you are

To request a repair, you will need: