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Council tax

All homeowners and tenants living in Islington need to be registered for council tax. If you pay by Direct Debit or are signed up for e-billing you will be automatically entered for cash prize draws.

  • Single person discount

    You can get 25% off your bill if you're the only person aged 18 or over living in the property as a main home. You must also tell us if your circumstances change and you are no longer the only person aged 18 or over living in the property. To apply/notify us, please fill in our online form.

  • Student exemption

    Students in full-time education do not always have to pay council tax

  • Switch to eBilling

    If you are signed up for eBlling you could win up to £3,000

  • Council Tax for landlords

    Check who should be paying or let us know of a change of tenancy

  • Apply for a refund

    If you have overpaid your council tax then you can get a refund

  • Older Person's Discount

    Apply for a council tax discount if you are 65 or over