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How we work out your bill

Your bill is based on what we know about the value of your home and any reduction you may get if you are personally entitled to Council Tax Support or a discount

We give you a council tax bill every year, covering 5 April this year until 4 April next year. The bill shows how much you will need to pay each month.

You may be able to get money off your bill, for example if you are a student, a care giver or are over 65. You will need to apply for any discount even though we may already have your details. 

How we work out what you will pay

Your council tax charges are worked out as a percentage of the Band D rate. We work out the Band D rate by dividing the money to we need to raise through council tax (£118.2m) by the number of Band D-equivalent homes in the borough (81,564.7).

Your band and valuation

Every home in Islington is in one of eight 'valuation bands' (A to H). This is based on the market value of your home in 1991. 

If you have recently become a council tax payer for the first time or your property has recently been put in a band you don't agree with, you can appeal the valuation. Use the GOV.UK website to appeal. You must do this within six months of your first bill and continue to pay council tax during the appeal.

Your 2024-25 Council Tax charge

This table shows how much you will pay for the year, and estimated monthly payments, based on your property band.

You can also find out how your money is being spent.

Your band 2024-25 Council Tax charge (£) Direct debit estimated 12 monthly instalments (£)
A 1,280.35 106.70
B 1,493.74 124.48
C 1,707.13 142.26
D 1,920.53 160.04
E 2,347.32 195.61
F 2,774.10 231.18
G 3,200.88 266.74
H 3,841.06 320.09

Charges included in your bill

This table shows the three charges that make up the council tax bill total including the adult social care precept and Greater London Authority (GLA) charge.

Your band Islington charge (£) Adult social care precept (£) Greater London Authority (GLA) charge (£)
A 826.83 139.25 314.27
B 964.64 162.46 366.64
C 1,102.44 185.67 419.02
D 1,240.25 208.88 471.40
E 1,515.86 255.30 576.16
F 1,791.47 301.72 680.91
G 2,067.08 348.13 785.67
H 2,480.50 417.76 942.80

About the adult social care precept and Greater London Authority charge

Adult Social Care Precept

The Secretary of State made an offer to Adult Social Care (ASC) authorities of being able to charge an extra 'precept' on its Council Tax without holding a referendum to help the authority meet its spending on ASC from the 2016/17 financial year. It was originally made to cover financial years up to and including 2019/20. If the Secretary of State decides to renew this offer for a particular financial year, this must first be approved by the House of Commons.

ASC authorities are local authorities that have functions under Part 1 of the Care Act 2014 including county councils in England, district councils for an area in England for which there is no county council, London borough councils, the Common Council of the City of London and the Council of the Isles of Scilly.

The ASC precept for 2024/25 is 2 per cent of the previous year’s total Council Tax charge.

Greater London Authority (GLA)

This table shows the money we need for the council budget, how much of it we get from central Government, and how much we need to raise from council tax for council spending. It also shows the money we need to give to the GLA. The second column divides the amounts by the equivalent number of Band D properties in the borough (81,564.7) to work out the Band D Council Tax charge and GLA contribution. The Council Tax charge and GLA contribution in other bands are worked out as a percentage of this Band D rate.

Division of council tax £ million Per Band D (£)
Amount we need to raise from council tax for the council budget (excluding Lloyd Square) 118.221 1,440.13
Amount we need to collect alongside council tax and give to the GLA 38.450 471.40
Total amount we need to raise for council tax and for the GLA 156.671 1,920.53

Lloyd Square garden area charge

We charge extra Council Tax for properties on Lloyd Square.

Your band  Lloyd Square garden area charge 2024/25 (£)  Total Council Tax charge for Lloyd Square properties 2024/25 (£) Direct debit estimated 12 monthly instalments (£) 
A 352.50
1,632.85 136.07
B 411.25 1,904.99 158.75
C 470 2,177.13 181.42
D 528.75 2,449.28 204.11
E 646.25 2,993.57 249.46
F 763.75 3,537.85 294.82
G 881.25 4,082.13 340.18
H 1,057.50 4,898.56 408.21
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