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Student exemption

Students in full-time education do not always have to pay council tax. To get this discount you must provide us with your exemption certificate, which you can get from your university or college.

Please provide us with details of everyone in your household and send us a student exemption certificate for every student in your household. You must get the exemption certificate from your university or college. 

If some of the people in the household are not full-time students then you will not be entitled to a full exemption but may still be entitled to a discount. We classify a full-time student as someone who is required to attend their school or college for more than 21 hours per week.

You must send all the exemptions for your household together.

Please make sure you have ready: 

  • the account reference number shown on your council tax bill. Where you can find this
  • your full name
  • the full names of everyone living in your home 
  • the address
  • good quality digital copies (scans or photographs) of all the exemption certificates for your household

We will then confirm the exemption or send you a revised bill once we have assessed your situation.

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