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Elections on 2 May

Elections for the next Mayor of London and London Assembly members, as well as the by-election for Hillrise ward, will take place on Thursday 2 May. Make sure you're registered to vote by midnight on Tuesday 16 April. You can also sign-up to our Voting and Elections bulletin to get reminders and resources to help you vote.

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Types of repair you are responsible for

You are responsible for different types or repair inside your home, depending on if you are an Islington tenant or a leaseholder. More information about repairs is available in the Housing Repairs Guide at the bottom of this page.

Repairs all tenants and leaseholders are responsible for:

  • Internal doors and catches, including cupboards
  • Internal glazing
  • Skirting boards
  • Internal door and window frames (known as architraves)
  • Bath panels
  • Toilet seats
  • Plugs and chains to sinks and baths
  • Curtain rails and pelmets
  • Internal decorations and finishes
  • Repairs to doors and drawers of kitchen units
  • Letter boxes (you should seek advice from the council if your letter box is damaged or before changing or repairing your letter box as changes may affect the fire or smoke resistance of your front door)
  • Items you, your family or visitors have damaged
  • Repairs to any improvements you have carried out
  • Replacing light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • Replacing tap washers
  • Plumbing installed for washing machines and dishwashers, unless these have been fitted by the council
  • Changing locks due to loss of keys

Additional repairs leaseholders are responsible for:

  • Electrics inside your home, including your doorbell
  • Independent central heating system, heaters and fires
  • Floorboards and tiles
  • Partitions inside your home
  • Plasterboard and plastering
  • Repairs to the entrance door to your home (you should seek advice from the council if the entrance door to your home is damaged or before changing or repairing this door as changes may affect the fire or smoke resistance of your entrance door)
  • Chimney sweeping

Repairs that you will be charged for

You may incur additional costs if we make a repair that was your responsibility or the repair was needed due to negligence or damage caused by you, a member of your household or visitors to your home.

You may be able to receive certain additional discretionary repairs if you are over 70 years old or receive certain disability benefits.

  • Request a repair online

    If you are a council tenant, you can request to have non-emergency repairs done in your home using our online form

  • Communal repairs

    A communal repair is work required on internal or external parts of a building that is shared with all residents of a block or estate.

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