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Starting your council tenancy

Welcome to your new home! If you have any questions about your property, please contact your New Tenant Liaison Officer at your local Area Housing Office

We aim to provide all our tenants with a high quality property that they can be proud of.

Your home:

  • will be cleared of any rubbish and other items left by the previous tenant
  • will be clean and free from damp or infestation
  • will contain a welcome box containing essential items
  • a housing health and safety assessment will have been carried out and fixtures or fittings that could pose a risk removed
  • always change the locks and make sure that all windows and doors are sound, safe and in good working order (we will only replace them if they are beyond repair) and, where appropriate, provide a safe means of escape during an emergency
  • the central heating throughout the property will be working and we will provide you with the relevant gas and electricity safety certificates

The kitchen:

  • we will leave space for a cooker with sockets, a fridge freezer, and where feasible a washing machine with plumbing – these will be slightly oversized spaces to fit the majority of modern appliances
  • gas and/or electricity fittings will be provided in the cooker space
  • a washable floor covering in good condition
  • kitchen units and work surfaces will be clean and in good condition
  • stopcock will be checked and labelled.

The bathroom:

  • will have a toilet, bath or shower and sink that is clean and functional
  • ensure that all pipes including waste pipes are sound, securely fixed and supported

Repairs for new tenants

For the first eight weeks of a new tenancy, tenants should contact their Area Housing Office for any repair queries.

Please note:

Any areas of the property that are not readily identifiable as living rooms, bedrooms, halls landings, staircases, kitchens or bathrooms (such as loft and attic areas, basements, coal bunkers, air raid shelters) should not be used as living accommodation or sleeping accommodation and may not be suitable for the storage of goods. We will not accept responsibility for any goods damaged if stored in such spaces. If you are in any doubt please contact your area housing office for further advice.

For information about your rights and responsibilities, please see our tenancy conditions page.

  • Tenancy conditions

    If you are a new Islington council tenant, you may have an introductory tenancy. Your rights and responsibilities as a secure tenant or introductory tenant are set out in your Conditions of Tenancy

  • Pay your rent now

    Have your rent account number and payment card ready.

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Data protection: We will handle your personal information in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and in accordance with the council’s Fair Processing Notice.