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Concierge schemes

Concierges provide improved security for residents and visitors to the area

As part of our commitment to providing residents with safe and secure homes, we provide a concierge service to some of our larger estates and tower blocks.

Concierges provide better security for residents and visitors to the area, reduce the fear of crime and help to detect and prevent crime.

The concierge operates from a secure control centre that is electronically linked to the door entry systems and CCTV cameras at the location. In some areas the concierge will be located in a reception area to receive resident and visitors enquiries.

The controlled door entry system reduces access to the building(s) to key holders or contact through the intercom system.


CCTV provides surveillance to specific areas and locations. Authorised concierge staff can monitor the area for incidents of antisocial behaviour, vandalism and crime and provide the police and our departments with evidence for the prosecution of offenders.

Concierge staff will monitor communal security at the location for 16 hours each day, 363 days a year. Our cameras are linked to the CCTV suite at 222 Upper Street should they need to access to our systems outside the normal concierge services hours.

Our concierge staff are fully qualified in Public Space CCTV, police checked and Security Industry Recognised (SIA).

The service is paid for by leaseholders through their service charge and tenants through their rent.

A concierge service may be suggested as part of an improvement to your estate or block. Before we install it, we will consult all residents on the need and costs, and then ballot them for their view. We will only introduce the scheme if the majority of residents want it.

Location of our CCTV cameras

To find out where Islington CCTV cameras are located please see our map.
Enter the address in capital letters to zoom in on a specific location.


Our concierge service takes any concerns or complaints very seriously, and we have official procedures for complaints. More often than not we have more requests for additional CCTV cameras to be installed than we do actual complaints about existing cameras. We have received no formal CCTV complaints for 2018.

Data storage

Storage and retrieval of CCTV images allows analysis of evidence after an event has occurred. We store images recorded from cameras for 31 days, and then it the data is automatically deleted.

If a request for CCTV evidence is made for legal purposes, the relevant footage is saved for up to three months, and then deleted. To apply for access to CCTV personal information, you should contact our Freedom of Information team for guidance and an application form.


Our CCTV is governed by the following legislation to protect your rights and privacy:

Electronic Notice Boards

As part of our commitment to providing residents and the public information on council and local services, we provide over 155 electronic notice boards to some of larger estates and tower blocks.

The electronic notice boards provide a valuable resource of information for residents, are cost effective, innovative and provide up to date information for specific blocks, specific wards or council wide.

The electronic notice boards can be found in communal areas on our housing estates and a link to locations and how to report faults or any other issues can be found below.

Electronic noticeboard locations

Raise repairs

Please email us to raise a repair and notify us of the problem encountered.

Contact us

You can contact our concierge service team at ConciergeT@islington.gov.uk.

For independent advice and guidance on surveillance cameras, contact the Information Commissioner's Office website, or call their helpline on 08456 30 60 60.

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  2. Data protection: We will handle your personal information in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and in accordance with the council’s Fair Processing Notice.