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Report anti-social behaviour

We can help if you are the target of anti-social behaviour (ASB). Our dedicated team works together with you and offenders to help solve ASB issues.

Anti-social behaviour covers a wide range of unacceptable activity and includes things like noisy neighbours, vandalism, graffiti and intimidation. Before reporting ASB you may want to talk to the offender. They may not be aware they’re causing a problem. Avoid this If you feel uncomfortable and perhaps you fear the offender may retaliate.

If you are experiencing ASB now, please see our information on types of ASB and noise. This will help you to find out what we can do and what you can do yourself.

During COVID 19

Please note that the Out of Hours Response Service times for investigating noise and ASB complaints have changed temporarily to:

  • 5pm - midnight, Sunday to Thursday
  • 5pm - 2am, Friday and Saturday

Calling the police

Dial 999 in an emergency if you think there is an immediate threat to life or property.

If your concern relates to a criminal matters such as drug dealing and requires police attention, please dial 101, the police non-emergency number. or report the incident online.

You can also contact Islington Police Station directly by calling 020 7704 1212.

Reporting ASB

Reporting online is the quickest and most convenient way to report your concerns to us.

You can also call the ASB Reporting Line on 020 7527 7272 if you're being disturbed now. Please note you may experience longer call waiting times during our busy periods.

Council tenants

When you report ASB you will be contacted within 24 hours of making your report. To keep you and our officers safe we will not be visiting people in their homes to assess noise complaints at this time. Instead, one of our officers will visit the location and make an external assessment. An officer will call you first to discuss your complaint and arrange the external assessment. This will take place within five working days or within 24 hours in serious cases.

Our specialist teams will take appropriate and prompt action to deal with disruptive tenants and other persons causing a nuisance or harassment. Our ASB teams also offer advice and support.

It is important to give us as much evidence as possible to help us take appropriate action. We ask you to give us details on the incident, including:

  • day and time and any repeat offence
  • where the offence happened
  • who the offenders are
  • what type of ASB it is
  • your contact details

We are also signed up to the Respect Charter for Housing, meaning we have promised to adhere to certain standards for handling ASB. For more on Respect visit the Chartered Institute of Housing's website.

  • Noise

    We will record all reports of noise but can only take action on noise complaints where the council can investigate, gather evidence and independently witness unreasonable noise levels from your home.

  • Types of anti-social behaviour

    We will record all reports of anti-social behaviour (ASB) but can only take action where the council can investigate, gather evidence and independently witness unreasonable ASB.

  • Community trigger

    Request a review if you believe no action has been taken

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