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Estate management

Estate services, such as cleaning communal areas and communal garden management are paid for by homeowners through their service charges and tenants through their rent.

We aim to pitch the level of service at a level affordable to all our residents whilst providing a decent environment to live in.

The types of services offered are tailored to meet the needs of an individual estate. If there is a Tenant Management Organisation on your estate, they may have taken on some of the maintenance duties. If you live in a Partners for Islington managed property, they adhere to the same standards as a Islington Council run estate.

If you have a query about, how your estate is maintained you can contact your local area housing office.

  • Caretaking and cleaning

    The council provide the caretaking and cleaning services to the blocks and communal outside areas that it owns and manages.

  • Trees and communal gardens

    We employ contractors to look after shared gardens, trees and grassed areas on estates. Estate Services staff at the Area Housing Office will check their work to make sure that it is satisfactory.

  • Estate inspections

    The Estate Services team from your area housing office will inspect each estate several times over a 12 month period for cleaning and safety and repairs standards in communal areas

  • Concierge schemes

    Concierges provide improved security for residents and visitors to the area