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Estate parking

Islington residents can apply for an estate parking space or a garage. Residents living on estates and blue badge holders are given priority

Anyone can apply for estate parking. Priority is given to estate residents and blue badge holders but non-Islington residents are welcome to apply. Where estate parking spaces are available they can be allocated to non–residents.  

Estate parking means having a dedicated parking space of your own. Parking bays and garages on Islington Council housing estates are individually numbered. Successful applicants receive exclusive use of an estate parking bay or garage for payment of a weekly rent. We also have a small number of car cages.

Estate parking permits are issued on paper. Once you have received your permit, you are required to display it in your vehicle. If you rent an estate parking bay we will also issue you with a visitor permit. This gives you the flexibility of allowing others to park in your space when they come to visit you.

Contact us

To enquire about the availability of estate parking bays or garages


Telephone: 0207 527 5300

For enquiries about estate parking enforcement


Blue Badge holders

Holders of a disability parking Blue Badge, issued by Islington Council, receive top priority for allocation of an estate parking space. They are also eligible for substantial discounts on parking space rent.

Ultra-Low Emission Zone

The Ultra Low Emission Zone is expanding from 25 October 2021. Have you checked your vehicle? Go to the TfL website for full details.

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