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Estate visitor parking

If you want to park on a housing estate the person you are visiting must give you a visitors’ parking permit for you to display in your vehicle

Residents who rent a parking bay have the option of allowing their visitors to use their bay. When the resident is not using it themselves they can give their visitors a Bay Holders Visitors Permit to display.           

On some estates a limited number of parking bays have been marked with the letter ‘V’ or the word ‘Visitor’. Where these bays are provided each household is entitled to request one Estate Visitors Bays Parking Permit from the Area Housing Office. Visitors are entitled to use these permits in any one of the marked Visitor Parking Bays.  

Islington residents are entitled to purchase visitor vouchers for parking on public roads.

Pay and Display and Pay by Phone parking is available on local public roads. 

Ultra-Low Emission Zone

An Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be launched in central London, including Bunhill and Clerkenwell wards, from 8 April 2019. Make sure you understand what ULEZ is by visiting the TFL website.

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