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Renting a garage

We have secure garages for rent across the borough for parking or storage

Anyone can apply to rent a garage, but we prioritise:

  • people living on the estate
  • Blue Badge holders.

Some advantages of renting a garage include:

  • keeping your vehicle or stored items secure and under cover
  • lower cost than commercial rents for other private garages or storage facilities
  • some insurers offer lower premiums for vehicles that are garaged
  • room to keep several motorbikes in one garage
  • storing vehicle accessories in the garage.

Garage rental costs depend on vehicle emissions or if you are using the garage for storage purposes.

Garage storage

You can rent garages to store personal or business goods, as long as they are not flammable or likely to rot. You will get a letting agreement to read and sign.

We will carry out an annual check before any renewal of the agreement.

Garage dimensions

Our garages vary in size. Here are the average dimensions:

  • Door width 2.10 metres
  • Door height 1.775 metres
  • Internal length 5.2 metres
  • Internal width 2.575 metres
  • Internal height 2.375 metres

Estate garage locations

See the list of estate garage locations in Islington.

Car cages

If you would like the security of a lock-up parking facility at a lower weekly rent than a garage we do have a limited number of car cages.

Cages are not available for storage purposes. 

Costs and Enquiries

You can see garage and cage rental charges on the parking costs table below. 

You can find out about availability of garages and car cages by contacting Housing Services for the estate you are interested in.

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