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Estate parking costs table

The cost of renting estate parking bays and garages varies according to the carbon emission rating or engine size of your vehicle.

For most vehicles the emission rating is stated on the vehicle registration certificate. If the emission rating is not stated the parking costs will be based on engine size.

The charges below are applicable from 5th April 2021

Vehicle carbon emission bands

Carbon emission rating  A  C  D
Carbon C02 rating g/km  0-120  121-150  151-185  186+
Engine size CC  0-1100  1101-1399  1400-1850  1851+

Weekly parking charges for Islington tenants and leaseholders

Carbon emission rating  A  B  C  D
Garage charges  £10.44 £20.88  £20.88  £22.97
Car cages  £4.88  £9.76  £9.76  £10.74
Parking spaces  £2.67  £5.32  £5.32  £5.85
Garage used for non-vehicle storage        £22.97

Weekly parking charges for everyone else 

Carbon emission rating  A  B  C  D
Garages  £21.76  £42.46  £43.46  £47.78
Car cages  £10.20  £20.32  £20.32  £22.35
Parking spaces   £5.98  £12.74  £12.74  £17.53
Garage used for non-vehicle storage        £47.78

A 50% or 100% discount is offered on all vehicle parking charges to holders of an Islington Council disability parking blue badge.

VAT will be added to the charges above where applicable. Find out if VAT applies to you.

A surcharge of £126.00 per annum, (£2.42 per week), is added to all parking charges for diesel-fuelled vehicles. Category N1 vehicles are automatically exempt from the surcharge.

Estate parking charges will be reduced by one band for registered (black cab) drivers.

Resident Parking is free for electric vehicles on estates. Non residents will be charged at band A rates for electric vehicles.

Further information on the Diesel Surcharge.

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