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Diesel surcharge

In June 2015 the council introduced an annual diesel surcharge on resident permits, including estate parking permits for diesel vehicles to protect residents from the health risks associated with diesel emissions. From 1st April 2018, the cost of the surcharge will be £99.65 per annum.

Diesel emissions have been linked to cancer, heart and lung damage, in addition to a range of other health issues. The World Health Organisation has classified diesel emissions as carcinogenic (to cause cancer) to humans.


There will be some exemptions for residents who depend on their vehicle for employment purposes. Exemptions include:

  • carers
  • taxis (black cabs)
  • tradespeople with certain vehicles which are essential for their trade. A tradesperson is defined as a person working in the building industry in a job that involves physical work and a practical skill.  
  • DVLA categorised N1 vehicles, which are designed and constructed for the carriage of goods and do not exceed 3.5 tonnes
  • In some cases category M vehicles (used for the carriage of passengers)

Details of exemptions and, if necessary, how to apply will be incorporated with permit renewal letters. 

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