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Electric vehicle charging points

To improve air quality and reduce vehicle emissions, we are working with a number of network operators to provide charging points.

A lot of Islington residents lack off-street parking and are unable to charge an EV at home. We want to support people to use electric vehicles by installing 400 charging points by 2021.

Please note running a cable from your own property across the public footway is a safety hazard and should not be done.

How to find an EV charging point in Islington 

Use this map to see all of the charging points that have been installed on Islington’s public highway.

The map also shows:

  • which company operates them
  • speed of the chargers
  • locations of charging points currently in the design/planning stage


See zap map for all charging points in the UK.

Zap map for all charging points

The charging networks available

There are currently over 150 on-street charging points in Islington which are operated by:

  • Islington Council
  • Source London
  • Ubitricity

Each network has different equipment and customer fees. There are also many other charging points located in off-street locations such as supermarkets, petrol stations, hotels and office buildings.

Islington Council Network for residents

If you’re an Islington resident, you can exclusively use 14 charging points owned by us. Most of these charging points have a 7kW charging speed but there are 2 rapid chargers (50kW) on the network.

  • Costs £67 for your first year and £20 every year afterwards
  • Includes freedom to park next to charger when using it
  • Includes smart card
  • You need to provide your own charging cable

To use the Islington Council chargers, download the form below and return to parkingpermits@islington.gov.uk.

Source London Network

  • There are currently 68 charging points in Islington that are operated by Source London
  • Most of the Source London charging points in Islington have a 7kW charging speed.
  • All Source London charging points are powered by 100% renewable energy

These charging points are available for any person to use but the cheapest fees are only available if person becomes a member of the Source London scheme. Becoming a member also allows a charging point to be booked in advance. See the Source London website for more information.

POLAR Network

There are currently 4 rapid chargers (50kW) in Islington that are operated by POLAR and form part of their UK network. However, two of these charging points are for taxis only.

See the POLAR website for more information.

Ubitricity Network

There are over 65 lamppost charging points in Islington which are operated by Ubitricity. These charging points do not have dedicated EV parking bays so users will need to comply with the relevant parking restrictions. Multiple lamppost charging points have been installed at each location to ensure a charging point is generally available but it’s possible that a charging point may be blocked by another vehicle.

These lamppost charging points can be used with either an ubitricity smart cable or regular cable. Users are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that their cable is used in a safe manner at all times and does not present any trip hazard or obstruction on the adjacent footway. Typically, this may mean that any excess cable is stowed under your vehicle or along the road against the curb.

See the Ubitricity website for more information.

Request a charging point

If you are interested in having a charging point installed near your property, please email publicrealm@islington.gov.uk with your suggested location.

We will do our best to install charging points where there is known demand but it not always possible due to technical constraints. It also takes time to deliver new charging points.

If a charging point is not working

If you have an enquiry or issue with a charging point, please contact the relevant network operator:

  • Islington Council Network - 01912 650 500
  • Source London Network - 02030 568989
  • POLAR – 0330 016 5126
  • Ubitricity – 0800 0246279

Time it takes to charge an electric vehicle

The time it takes to recharge an EV depends on various factors such as:

  • the power output of the charging point 
  • the size of the EV battery

A typical EV can be recharged in approximately 60 minutes from a 60kW charger or roughly 4 hours from a 7kW charger. 

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