Minor variations to a premises licence

Minor variations can be used, for example, to make small changes to premises licensing hours.

After you apply

What you need to do

You must:

  • advertise your application, using the notice of application (see ‘Useful documents’ below), on the premises for 10 working days, starting from the day after you submit your application
  • complete and return the notice of advertising to us (see ‘Useful documents’ below). 

You can email these forms to

What we will do

On receipt of your application we will consult the relevant responsible authorities. We will take into account any comments or objections (‘representations’) from them or residents when making a decision to grant or vary the application. 

We will determine the application within 15 working days and confirm the outcome in writing. 

The right to appeal 

There is no right to appeal. However, you can submit a full variation application which, if representations are received, will result in the application being determined by the council’s licensing subcommittee.