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Cost of living support

The price of energy, food and bills are all rising and many of us are feeling worried about our finances. You might even find yourself in a position you have never experienced before. There are services and advice that can help, some of which depend on your circumstances. Find information on this page.

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  • Benefits and support

    Find out what benefits and support you are entitled to as an Islington resident.

  • Money and debt advice

    Advice and support to help you manage your money, debt and other finance matters

  • Energy

    Find out how we can help you save money by cutting down on your energy and water bills

  • Help with childcare and family costs

    Financial support to help with the cost of childcare including our childcare bursary, free school meals, uniform grant and free early learning.

  • Contact us

    For friendly advice on benefits, help with bills and other ways to make your money go further

  • Warm community spaces

    Warm community spaces are open across the borough where residents can go during the day to keep warm as the weather gets colder

  • Islington Hardship Fund

    A short-term fund for people in work who rent their home and do not get Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

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