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Temporary accommodation

When you make a homeless application to the council, we may decide to place you in temporary accommodation while we consider your application. Most temporary accommodation is in the private sector. Most of it is outside the borough.

There is a shortage of temporary accommodation generally and it's difficult for the council to find affordable, suitable temporary accommodation within Islington. We will try to meet your needs as best we can, but we will be limited by the properties that are available.

When we house you, usually the accommodation will be self contained. This means that you will have your own kitchen, bathroom, living and sleeping space.

All temporary accommodation is fully furnished. However, bedding and kitchen utensils are not provided except in the council’s own reception centres.

You will be responsible for all occupancy charges, bills and council tax. It can be expensive and the benefit cap may mean that not all your rent is covered by housing benefit. If you are struggling to pay your rent you must contact your Temporary Accommodation Officer to discuss this.

What happens next?

If you are a single person, and we decide that we have a duty to house you, we will make you an offer of a permanent social housing property in due course. Couples without children will be treated in the same way.

If you are a household with children, if the council decides that we have a duty to house you, the council will aim to offer you longer term leased temporary accommodation. You will be expected to remain in this accommodation for a number of years.

Keeping in touch

While you are in temporary accommodation you will have a dedicated temporary accommodation officer to help with any issues to do with your property and your rent account.

You officer will endeavour to visit you in your property but its up to you to keep us updated of any change in circumstances or anything that may affect your housing application for as long as you are in temporary accommodation.

If you are unable to contact your Temporary Accommodation Officer you may contact the general Temporary Accommodation helpline on 0207 527 6139 or email temporaryaccommodat@islington.gov.uk.

  • Temporary accommodation costs

    When you first move in to temporary accommodation you will be given details of how much you need to pay to live in your property

  • Repairs while in temporary accommodation

    Temporary accommodation is owned and managed by private landlords and agents on behalf of the council. It is the managing agent’s responsibility to maintain and repair the property – the council does not do it.

  • Moving on from temporary accommodation

    When you move on from your temporary accommodation you will need to contact your temporary accommodation officer in the council