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Child chaperone licence

All children licensed by a local authority to perform must be supervised at all times by a licensed chaperone or their parents.

Personal skills

  • ability to understand, abide by, and enforce, relevant legislation to protect children from exploitation
  • ability to ensure children are safeguarded and their welfare promoted
  • ability to share information where appropriate to ensure children are safeguarded
  • knowledge and understanding of child protection procedures and processes and when it is appropriate to make a child protection referral or take emergency action
  • ability to demonstrate a commitment to equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice
  • ability to maintain appropriate boundaries with children
  • ability to challenge those in authority where a child’s needs are being compromised
  • advocacy skills and the ability to negotiate on behalf of children 
  • approachability and ability to develop children’s trust and confidence
  • effective verbal communication skills with children and adults
  • ability to listen, communicate and empathise with young people
  • good organisational skills
  • effective written communication skills, ability to keep accurate records
  • honesty, integrity and ability to act as a positive role model
  • reliable, punctual, responsible
  • common sense, patience, resilience and a sense of humour.