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Recycling and rubbish container guide

Which containers to use for your recycling and rubbish.

Wheelie bins

We don't provide or sell wheelie bins for households.

If you buy a wheelie bin privately, you must: 

  • have a storage area of hard-standing for the bin(s) in the front garden of your property near to the boundary with the pavement. The bin cannot be stored on the public highway 
  • have a storage area at ground level. Wheelie bins will not be collected from basements or moved up or down steps 
  • have clear access for our collection vehicle with a drop-kerb nearby 
  • only buy a bin with either a 240 litre or 360 litre capacity in order for us to collect it 

  • only buy a bin that complies with British Standard BS EN 840: 1997

  • put your property address on the bin  

  • have a green bin if it is for recycling and grey/black bin for rubbish

    to make it is clear which is which.

If you’d like a sticker for your recycling bin, please email recycling@islington.gov.uk with your postal address.

The quickest and easiest way to request containers or bags is by logging into or signing up for a My eAccount.

The normal dimensions of wheelie bins are:

 Capacity (litres)  240 litres  360 litres
 Width  575mm 625mm
 Length  730mm  890mm
 Height  1060mm 1120mm

Please note: wheelie bins dimensions can vary according to the manufacturer and the dimensions above are a guide only.

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