Recycling and rubbish

Recycling and rubbish container guide

Which containers to use for your recycling and rubbish.

Wheelie bins

We don't provide or sell wheelie bins for households.

If you buy a wheelie bin, you must: 

  • have an area of hard-standing for the bin(s) in the front garden of your property near to the boundary with the pavement. The bin cannot be stored on the public highway 
  • have a storage area at ground level. Wheelie bins will not be collected from basements or moved up or down steps 
  • have clear access for our collection vehicle with a drop-kerb nearby 
  • only buy a bin with either a 240 litre or 360 litre capacity in order for us to collect it 
  • put your property address on the bin  
  • have a green bin if it is for recycling and grey/black bin for rubbish to make it is clear which is which 
  • contact us if the bin is for recycling as we can schedule it for collection and send recycling bin stickers to you.  

The quickest and easiest way to request containers or bags is by logging into or signing up for a My eAccount.

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