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Book a household bulky waste collection

If you live in Islington, use this online form to arrange for us to collect large items of household waste like mattresses, furniture and cookers that cannot be reused.

If you live in Islington, please follow the purple button at the bottom of this page to arrange for us to collect large items of household waste like mattresses, furniture and cookers that cannot be reused.

If you live in an Islington Council managed estate, your property will have a lumber point available and you do not need to pay for bulky waste collections. Estate residents should contact their caretaker or housing office for details on where to leave bulky waste.

We collect most household items that are too big to put in your bin. Items for collection must be placed at the front of your property at ground level in a visible and accessible location by 7am on the chosen collection day. We charge £10 per item, with a minimum cost of £30. There's a 50% discount if you receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax support.

We only collect:

  • items ordered for collection - additional items will not be collected
  • items ordered for collection left in the agreed location
  • items left at the correct time - items should be out and available by 7am on the day of collection
  • items that are safe to do so - for example, items should not be dangerous i.e. nails protruding, sharp edges

We will not collect builders waste, items over 6ft, paint or soil.

If you do not leave your items out as instructed, they may not be collected and your payment will not be refunded.

For non-Islington estate properties, your property manager may have arrangements in place for disposal of bulky waste. Please check with your property manager; if they do not, please book a bulky waste collection. However, the item(s) must be presented at ground level in an accessible location for collection i.e. not behind a locked gate, within a building etc.

This collection service is for domestic waste only. If you are a business and require bulky waste collections, please call 0207 527 4900 or email

If you have any items not covered by our service you can use the following apps to find an alternative bulky waste removal provider: 

LoveJunk - an online marketplace for the collection of bulky waste, furniture and appliances. It matches you to nearby licensed waste carriers and also reuse charities and is free to use. For more information please visit LoveJunk

TipTapp - For items such as broken furniture, old mattresses, bulky waste, or garden waste just set the price you are willing to pay and within minutes you will be offered times for same or next day removal from your address. For more information please visit: TipTapp

Cancellations and refunds

We will not provide refunds for items that are not left out as instructed; or for items that are booked for collection and have been removed by a third party.

For more information on cancellations and refunds, please see the link to the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.

We have other services, which collect business waste, garden waste, or hazardous household waste.

Fly-tipping is illegal and we regularly prosecute fly-tippers. You could face a fine of £400 as well as criminal prosecution.

Can your items be reused?

If your items are in good condition and can be reused, please arrange a reuse collection instead. It’s cheaper and the items will be cleaned or refurbished and sold to local people at affordable prices.

Assisted collections

Assisted bulky waste collections have been suspended until further notice. 

If you are unable to carry the items outside, and are either over 65 or registered disabled, you can ask for an assisted collection.

The collection must meet the following criteria:

  • the items are located no higher than the first floor (unless there's a working lift which they will fit into)
  • all items are ready to be removed
  • the items can be lifted and removed by two people
  • the location for collection is not on a red route

Assisted collections are currently suspended, we apologies for any inconvenience. 

Before you start

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