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Elections on 2 May

Elections for the next Mayor of London and London Assembly members, as well as the by-election for Hillrise ward, will take place on Thursday 2 May. Make sure you're registered to vote by midnight on Tuesday 16 April. You can also sign-up to our Voting and Elections bulletin to get reminders and resources to help you vote.

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Application forms and fees

Changes to Part L

The transitional provisions are the same as those announced in 2009 for the 2010 Part L changes, so you can register your application in regard to the transitional provisions. The site building work must commence before the final deadline. This means that pre-registered sites can be built to Part L 2010 requirements.

DCLG’s transitional provisions: 

The introduction of the new Part L target is subject to the transitional provisions in regulation 9. In brief, these mean: Where building work has commenced on site before 6 April 2014 the provisions on target energy efficiency rates will not apply; and

Where a building notice, full plans submission has been given to a local authority before 6 April 2014 the provisions on target fabric energy efficiency rates will not apply so long as work is commenced on site before 6 April 2015.

Commencement of work In DCLG’s opinion the commencement of work would usually be marked by work such as:

  • Excavation for strip or trench foundations or for pad footings;
  • Digging out and preparation of ground for raft foundations;
  • Vibrofloatation (stone columns) piling, boring for piles or pile driving;
  • Drainage work specific to the building(s) concerned.

Notice of works

You can begin work at any time after you have submitted your building notice as long as you give two working days notice.

In the case of a full plans application, it is advisable to wait until you have received a decision before you start work.

The person carrying out the building work (you or your builder) must contact us during the following stages, giving the notice stated, so that we can carry out any appropriate inspections:

  • Two days notice before commencement of work in writing - please use commencement notice (see downloadable documents below)
  • One day's notice before excavation for a foundation, pouring foundation, damp proof course/membrane or any concrete or other material laid over a site
  • One day's notice before covering up a drain or sewer 
  • Five day's notice before carrying out any work laying a drain or sewer, including surrounding with any materials and back-fill
  • Agree with the building control officer about testing foul waste and surface water
  • Notice of occupation required when part occupied or occupied before completion - five days before occupation.
  • Notice of final inspection required, no more than five days after completion of work.

We will carry out inspections as requested when necessary. If you contact us before 10am we will aim to do the inspection that day, otherwise it will be within 24 hours.

Please note: if all necessary inspections have not been arranged and documentation supplied, this may delay the issue of completion certificate.

Additional information

In order to provide the best possible service our surveyors may ask you to tell them when you reach additional stages, including:

  • Structural members before being covered
  • Unusual designs or methods of construction 
  • Work related to means of escape in case of fire
  • Work relating to the welfare or convenience of people with disabilities 
  • Matters affecting energy conservation
  • Work controlled by regulations, construction or material which, if not verified could cause defects which could be seriously detrimental to public health or safety

Completion certificates

Completion certificates will be issued subject to satisfactory completion of works in accordance with the building regulations and full payment of fees.

This document will be important as evidence that you have kept to all building regulations if you sell the property in the future.

We may have to issue the certificate before you can use the building under other statutory controls which may apply, for example, licensing and registrations.



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