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If you plan to carry out demolition, you must apply using an online form.

Application information

If Section 80 of the Building Act 1984 applies to your demolition, you should not start unless the application has been accepted by the council and six weeks have expired or the council has issued a Section 81 Demolition Notice before then and the method statement has been agreed in writing.

Please submit a scaled plan (1:250 scale) with your application, showing the full extent of the demolition site and adjoining roads, building/sites, location of drains and sewers.

Please send or give a copy of your application to:

  • The occupiers/owners of any adjacent buildings. The Party Wall Act may also apply.
  • The public gas utility Transco (Part 1 Gas Act 1986).
  • The public electricity utility EDF (Part 1 Electricity Act 1989).

You should also ensure compliance with the following services, where applicable. Our team can offer advice on this once we have processed your application form:

  • Islington Council environmental health, planning, and highways and public realm
  • Health and safety executive
  • London fire and emergency planning authority

Complex demolitions

If the building or structure meets any of the following criteria, it is classed as a complex demolition and you must upload a method statement with your application:

  • is more than three storeys high, including basement.
  • is more than 100 square metres footprint area.
  • is listed or is near a listed building or structure, or it is in a conservation area.
  • is environmentally sensitive. For example, the site is contaminated, it contains asbestos, it contains a bat colony.
  • is sensitive or on a sensitive site/building/structure such as a canal, railway site, tunnel/underground works, bridge structure, major or minor public sewer or drain.


The fees are:

  • £575 for a standard demolition
  • £1,030 for a complex demolition

We will provide you with details of how to pay online once we have processed your application form.

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  1. Data protection: We will handle your personal information in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and in accordance with the council’s Fair Processing Notice.