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Enforcing building regulations

It is necessary at times to carry out enforcement action where building work does not comply with the building regulations or there is a danger to the health and safety of either the public or individuals. The main areas of enforcement are:

  • non-compliance with the building regulations
  • dangerous structures
  • contravention of the building regulations

Contravention of the building regulations is a criminal offence and action may be taken under Section 35 of the Building Act 1984, against a person who contravenes them. If convicted, that person is liable to be fined up to £5,000 for each offence and may also have to pay a daily fine if the default continues after conviction.

Section 36 of the Building Act allows a notice to be served requiring the owner

  • to pull down or remove any work contravening the regulations, or

  • to bring the work into compliance with the regulations. Rather than take action for a breach of the regulations we prefer our customers to work with us to achieve compliance and encourage pre-application meetings and advice during construction. Formal enforcement action is usually taken as a last resort.

The council can assist with the retrospective approval of work that may have been carried out without notifying the council since 11 November 1985. This is known as a regularisation application - see 'Building regulations application form and fees schedules' page on the left.

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