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Business permit terms and conditions

What you need to be eligible for business parking permits and vouchers

Business permits and visitor vouchers

To be eligible for a business parking permit or visitor vouchers, you must:

  • own or represent a business at an Islington address occupying premises for non-residential purposes
  • not have outstanding penalty charge notices for the vehicle(s) to be included on the permit

If you enter an incorrect engine size or CO2 emissions your application may be subject to delay or cancellation.

The permit is only valid in the vehicle(s) for which it was purchased.

Vehicles must not exceed a maximum of 5m in length, or 2.5m in height.

Permits will not be issued to vehicles with eight seats or more.

The permit cannot be used to park a caravan or trailer whether attached to or disconnected from the permitted vehicle.

A business parking permit does not guarantee a parking space.

Your permit allows you to park in business, and business/shared use bays, in the controlled parking zone your business is located in.

The permit does not allow parking in resident, short stay (pay and display), disabled, doctor, or teacher bays, or on yellow lines.

The permit does not allow parking in bays that have been suspended for any reason.

The permit does not allow parking on red routes, council housing estates or on private land.

You must park within the markings of a permitted bay.

If you change your vehicle or move your business to a different address in Islington you must complete a new application form.

If you move your business to a different address in the same controlled zone as you currently live in, you just need to let us know the new address.

You must return to the council any permits that you no longer want to use.

Refunds will be provided for any full months remaining on unwanted permits.

It is your responsibility to renew your permit before it expires. The council takes no responsibility to provide reminders.

It is illegal to copy or alter an Islington parking permit in any way. The council will take enforcement action against any vehicle believed to be displaying a fraudulent permit.

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