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New homes in Islington

New homes in Islington

There is a desperate shortage of affordable homes in Islington, so providing more suitable, affordable properties is one of the council's priorities. Overcrowding is also worse in Islington than in many other London boroughs, affecting the educational and employment prospects and health of many residents.To help address these problems, the council is committed to delivering 2,000 affordable homes (including the council's new build homes) in the borough by 2015.

We are looking at making better use of under-developed, unusual and unloved spaces on our estates. We want to build a range of new council homes - houses, maisonettes and flats and as much family-sized accommodation as possible. We also intend to build new homes that are energy efficient and cheaper to run and make improvements to the surrounding environment they are built on.


Our new homes are designed and built to a high standard. Below are just some of the key design standards we achieve.

  • Homes and Communities Agency Design and Quality Standards
  • Lifetime Homes
  • Secure By Design
  • A minimum of Code Level 4 for Sustainable Homes (where possible)
  • London Housing Design Guide

Funding the new homes

The council has already earmarked money to build new council housing in line with its priorities. While the majority of new homes that are built will be council housing, we also look to sell some properties on the open market or make them available for part rent/part buy to help pay for additional new affordable housing.

Local Lettings

Under our new Local Lettings Policy, built on an estate tenants already living there first. This helps to free up homes for other local families in need.

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