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173 Highbury Quadrant

Name: 173 Highbury Quadrant, N5

Start date: January 2023

Anticipated completion date: March 2025

Description: This scheme involves the conversion of the existing property to the development of three high quality homes and in addition the building of an adjacent three-bedroom house. All these properties will be built to a very high insulation standard.

Total number of homes: Four homes for up to 15 people. Three homes for social rent and one home for sale.

Size of the new homes 
• 2 x 1 bed homes
• 2 x 3 bed homes

Main contact: France Nkoso 020 7527 6590

Andover Estate

Name: Andover Estate, N7

Start date: March 2021

Anticipated completion date: Summer 2024

Description: We are building much needed new homes, building four new play areas, installing new lighting, providing a new community space and planting new trees, shrubs and flowers. We have so far completed the affordable workspace, a community growing area and a play area.

Total number of new homes: 42 much-needed new council homes

Size of new homes: 
• 6 x 1 bed homes
• 22 x 2 bed homes
• 14 x 3 bed homes

Main contact: Phyllis Mensah-Twumasi 020 7527 7128

Beaumont Rise

Name: 17-23 Beaumont Rise, N19

Start date: September 2019

Anticipated completion date: June 2024

Description: Supported housing scheme which will provide 27 units of affordable accommodation 17 of which are supported housing and will have 24/7 staffing resource.

Total number of homes: 27 new homes for 57 people. 10 of the new homes will be for social rent and 17 will be supported housing.

Size of new homes:
• 17 x bedsits
• 10 x two-bed homes

Main contact: Renee Peters-Findley 020 7527 6343

Bemerton Estate south

Name: Bemerton Estate south

Anticipated start date: tbc

Anticipated completion date: tbc

Description: Three consultations with local residents about what could be built here have now taken place

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Total number of homes: 84 new homes

Main contact: Sam Cheong 020 7527 8796

Besant and Hathersage Courts

Name: Besant and Hathersage Courts

Address: Newington Green Road, N1

Anticipated start date: tbc

Anticipated completion date: tbc

Description: 39 much needed new homes are being built at various locations around the estates. Also providing new bike storage, creating more pedestrian friendly streets through the estates, creating a new entrance to Hathersage Court, creating new green spaces including a new children’s play area, a new garden square, improvements to the communal garden, and planting new trees, shrubs and flowers.

Total number of homes: 39 new homes, 22 homes will be for social rent, 17 homes will be for sale.

Main contact: Phyllis Mensah-Twumasi 020 7527 7128

Dixon Clark Court

Name: Dixon Clark Court, N1

Start date: January 2021

Anticipated completion date: April 2024

Description: Development of new homes and landscaping improvements for current residents

Total number of homes: 41 new homes for up to 151 people. 27 of the homes are for social rent and 14 are for sale

Size of new homes
• 6 x 1 bed homes
• 31 x 2 bed homes
• 3 x 3 bed homes
• 1 x 4 bed homes

Main Contact: James Cooper 020 7527 8088

Elthorne Estate (ball park and community centre)

Name: Elthorne Estate (ball park and community centre), N19

Start date: February 2021

Anticipated completion date: January 2025

Description: We are building new homes on two sites: the sunken sports pitch, the existing St Johns community centre, as well as improving estate roads, public realm, providing improved play facilities and a new multi games court at Zoffany Park.

Total number of homes: 46 new homes for up to 167 people. 16 of the new homes are for social rent, 22 are for sale and 8 are shared ownership.

Size of the new homes: 
• 9 x 1 bed homes
• 31 x 2 bed homes
• 5 x 3 bed homes
• 1 x 4 bed homes

Main contact: Patrick Neville 020 7527 6058

Harvist Estate

Name: Harvist Estate, N7

Start date: November 2020

Anticipated completion date: Summer 2027

Description: Transforming a car park into 24 new homes next to the railway

Total number of homes: 24 new homes for up to 101 people, all council homes

Size of the new homes: 
• 3 x 1 bed homes
• 13 x 2 bed homes
• 4 x 3 bed homes
• 4 x 4 bed homes

Main Contact: Andrew Hunter 020 7527 4261

Park View Estate

Name: Park View Estate, N5

Anticipated start date: January 2021

Anticipated completion date: June 2024

Description: Building new homes on various sites of the estate, as well as a new community space, extensive landscaping and environmental improvements

Total number of homes: 31 new homes in current works, all of the homes are for social rent.

Size of new homes: 

  • 8 x 1 bed homes
  • 2 x 2 bed homes (wheelchair)
  • 21 x 2 bed homes

More information

Mulberry tree summary report

Main contact: Robert Sedgwick 020 7527 5615

Windsor Street car park

Name: Windsor Street car park, N1

Start date: January 2022

Anticipated completion date: Summer 2024

Description: The planning permission for this development was granted in 2018. The building work for the new homes is currently underway. 

These much-needed new homes will provide supported accommodation for people with learning disabilities in an environment promoting independent living. The completed development will have 24 hour onsite support for all residents.

The contractor is Rooff Ltd. If you have any questions in relation to the construction please contact John Mower on 020 8709 1777 or email Rooff Ltd. Any other questions should be addressed to the project manager in the New Build Team, Souad Akbur.

Rooff Ltd send out monthly newsletters to local residents and these are also displayed on the site hoarding, along with Rooff staff contact details and the out of hours security contact number.

Total number of homes: 11 new homes for up to 11 people, all for social rent.

Size of new homes: 
• 4 x units arranged around a pod model for residents with higher needs 
• 7 x 1 bedroom units for more independent residents with learning disabilities 

Main contact: Souad Akbur 020 7527 6387

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