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Our priority is to help you avoid becoming homeless. We can do this by negotiating with the people you live with or your landlord, giving you advice, or by helping you find another home quickly. If you are worried about becoming homeless, please visit the Worried about becoming homeless page.

What happens when you come in to make a homeless application?

You should contact the council as soon as possible. Call us on 020 7527 2000 or email advice.housing@islington.gov.uk.

An assessment officer will interview you to check what support you are entitled to. You will need to bring documentation to support your case with you. The assessment officer will also decide whether the council has a duty to provide you with temporary accommodation.

The council does not have a duty to house everyone, but if the council is satisfied that you are homeless and eligible for support, we will have a duty to help you to find a place to live.

If the assessment officer is satisfied that you are eligible and homeless, they will make an appointment for you for a second interview with a housing expert who will be your personal advisor. They will ask you questions about you, your family, your address history, your housing and support needs, and the circumstances that led to you becoming homeless.

We ask these questions to assess how best to help you and agree a plan with you, outlining the steps you and your housing advisor need to take in order help you find a place to live. You will receive a copy of your Personal Housing Plan and your housing advisor will support you to find a place to live.

Temporary accommodation

We can only offer temporary accommodation while a homeless application is being investigated in certain cases. We may do this only if we believe that you have no accommodation available to you and also if you meet one of the priority need categories defined by law.

Temporary accommodation is not free and you will need to pay for this. You will also need to cover utility and council tax bills. Temporary accommodation is furnished however you will need to provide your own bedding and kitchen utensils.

Please be prepared to wait as the search for temporary accommodation can take several hours. You will have to sign an agreement to move in to the accommodation, but we will make sure you understand it before you sign.

Once you've signed this agreement you will need to collect the keys yourself as they are not located at our offices. We will also provide you with the name and contact details for your temporary accommodation officer.

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