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Apply for a secondary school place

If your child is due to start secondary school, you must apply online

Dates and deadlines

You can apply from 1 September 2023, and you must apply by the deadline, 31 October 2023. We recommend you apply by 20 October 2023, just in case there are any problems with getting online or logging into the site.

  • 29 November 2023: this is your deadline to submit a social medical application
  • 1 March 2024: you’ll get an offer by email in the evening
  • 15 March 2024: this is your deadline to accept (or turn down) your school place
  • 6 April 2024: you must send in any appeals for an Islington community school by this date. You can appeal even if you’ve accepted the school place offered.
  • 4 May – 9 June 2023: Test registration window for Dame Alice Owen's School assessment.
  • 12 May 2023 - Monday 3 July 2023: Online registration window for Governors' aptitude test at St Mary Magdalene Academy.

Late applications

If we get your application after 31 October 2023 then your application will be marked as late. This means that it will not be considered until we have allocated school places for all applications received on time. This could reduce your chances of getting a place at the school you want.

If there are exceptional reasons why it was not possible to make your application by the deadline, please email us at Make sure to attach any letters or other documents that help explain and support your reason.

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