Provisional licensing statement

Find out if your business is likely to obtain a premises licence before committing to the cost of developing a site.

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Anyone aged 18 or over and who has an interest in the premises can apply for this licence. The application fee is £315.

You need to provide a plan of the premises. The plan must comply with legal regulations, please refer to the Premises plan requirements for more information. 

You also need to provide a schedule of works. This must include:

  • a statement made by or on behalf of the applicant
  • any particulars of the premises
  • plans of the work being done or about to be done to the premises  
  • any other information as may be required. 

You must serve copies of the completed application on all the responsible authorities. We will do this on your behalf if you make your application online.

Apply online

You can apply online via the GOV.UK website.

Apply online