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People-friendly streets in St Peter’s

St Peter’s, like many neighbourhoods within the borough, has suffered from increased traffic volumes in recent years from the use of the area as a short-cut.   

  • Traffic filters are in place at Colebrook Row, Danbury Street, Coleman Fields and Wharf Road, with a traffic filter and bus gate being added on Prebend Street.

  • In some cases, the traffic filters are enforced by cameras.

For more information on the changes to the Prebend Street filter made in June 2021, please read St Peter's people-friendly streets: more details about the trial measures [PDF].


We have now published our pre-consultation monitoring report for the St Peter's trial area. This report includes data one year on from the launch of the people-friendly streets trial in July 2020.

You can still access our first interim monitoring report for St Peter’s, published in February 2021.


The St Peter’s people-friendly streets consultation has now closed. Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback. 

Next steps

October - November 2021 

Feedback from the consultation, correspondence and feedback from the trial survey is considered

December 2021

Decision report is published

December 2021 / January 2022 

18 month experimental traffic order trial expires - this will be replaced by a new traffic order if the scheme is kept or changed, or revert back to the road layout which existed before the trial began in July 2020


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