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People-friendly streets

Better places for everyone

Islington’s streets belong to everyone. They are a place where life happens and where the community comes together, no matter what our individual circumstances or daily routines look like. But as technology has changed, so we’ve seen more and more traffic taking short cuts along local streets.

Traffic on London’s local roads rose by 72% between 2009 and 2019. If this continues to increase it will create huge problems for our road network and our communities and will further damage the environment, including higher levels of air pollution, which is already a serious issue for public health.

We’ve always worked hard to make things better and have been planning initiatives to improve Islington’s streets for some time but the health crisis has had a big impact on the way we use our streets. Residents told us they were able to enjoy their neighbourhood more. But research shows that without action, traffic volumes will continue to increase making our streets more unsafe, unhealthy, and worse than before the health crisis began.

So, we’ve taken this opportunity to look at how we can make our neighbourhoods better and safer, for living, working and playing, for everyone. It is also important we follow statutory government guidance, which states that we need to encourage more walking and cycling and to enable social distancing.

We want to bring life back to Islington’s streets. Taking the best of what we have learnt, to make things safer, healthier, greener and fairer for everyone.

For more information about this programme and why it’s happening now, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

For more information on our Blue Badge holder exemptions permit, visit our Blue Badge holder Frequently Asked Questions page.  

What we’re doing

  • We are introducing people-friendly streets neighbourhoods, sometimes called low traffic neighbourhoods, to the borough. By installing inexpensive measures like bollards and smart cameras, we are creating more space for everyone to enjoy their neighbourhoods as they walk, wheel and cycle around.
  • We are accelerating the rollout of the School Streets programme and have introduced more school streets than any other London borough.
  • You can see the locations of our current low traffic neighbourhoods and School Streets on this Google map.
  • We are introducing temporary cycle lanes and other improvements to make it easier to cycle around Islington.

Our low traffic neighbourhoods

These schemes are being installed as 18-month trials and residents will be asked for their views on whether the measures should remain in place permanently. It’s important that we allow enough time for you to experience the changes and for traffic patterns to settle down.

Residents and visitors will still be able access their street by motor vehicle and receive deliveries. However, it will be much harder or impossible for traffic to cut through local streets from one main road to the next.



Canonbury East

Canonbury West 

Clerkenwell Green 

  St Peter's 

St Mary's Church


Related schemes

We are making changes on Furlong Road and Digswell Street to address road danger issues that have arisen on these streets. 

Furlong Road and Digswell Street

How can I get involved?

Local people know their areas best and we want to hear your views on how to make your area more people-friendly.

Our Commonplace website has been an effective way to gather views on how you want to make Islington’s street more people-friendly and we appreciate the time residents have taken to share their comments. However, we are asking local people to give us more detailed feedback on each individual low traffic neighbourhood trial. For this reason, we have introduced surveys for each existing people-friendly streets neighbourhood trial so we can continue to receive as much detailed feedback from residents as possible.

Your feedback is invaluable to us and the surveys for each scheme are available to fill in now. To access the surveys please visit the pages for our low traffic neighbourhoods. The links to these pages are above.

It is therefore no longer possible to add comments to the Commonplace website. It can still be accessed and any previously added comments can still be seen.

Frequently asked questions

Find out more about people-friendly streets and answers to our most common questions through our frequently asked questions

Find out more information about our people-friendly streets Blue Badge holder exemptions permit

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