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Conditions of licence

These conditions apply to licences for containers.

  • In accordance with the Highways Act 1980, we may grant permission for the use of containers on the highway.
  • All works must be carried out in accordance with the latest government advice regarding Covid-19.
  • The licence does not relieve the licensee from compliance with or being subject to the London Building Act. The Town and Country Planning Act, or any other Acts, Regulations, other by laws and General Statutory provisions in the area and shall not be regarded as dispensing with such compliance.
  • An inspection will be carried out at the expiry of the licence and should the container(s) have caused any damage to the public highway, the council will carry out any necessary remedial works and charge all necessary costs to the licensee.
  • Any inspection following a valid complaint however received will be subjected to a £280.50 non-compliance fee, a payment request email will be issued to the applicant.
  • Any disturbance or damage to utility plant will be the responsibility of the licensee.
  • The signatory of this application is the person accepting responsibility for the compliance of all conditions and regulations associated with containers on the highway.
  • If the structure is to be placed in a parking bay, suspensions will need to be in place. To require a suspension you must contact A separate application and payment will be required for parking suspensions. It is an offence to place an obstruction in a parking bay, which has not been suspended the council has the power to remove the obstruction and prosecute the person responsible.
  • The licence agreement will become invalid if any of the conditions are not adhered to or the licensee no longer has an interest in the project.
  • The licence granted will be exercised in such a manner as not to cause a nuisance, disturbance or danger to the occupiers of adjoining properties or the users of the highway.
  • The highway must be kept in a neat and tidy condition and free from obstructions.
  • Any form of pedestrian management must have clear signage agreed with the Highways Officer.
  • The council is indemnified against all claims resulting from an incident caused by the containers. All applicants must have public liability insurance of £10 million to work on the public highway. Failure to have insurance would result in your licence becoming invalid.
  • All licences issued must be displayed on site.
  • All licences must comply with Islington Council’s Code of Practice for Construction of Sites.
  • The licensee must comply with any direction or instruction given by the streetworks department.
  • The conditions below relate specifically to containers on the highway and must be adhered to as part of the licence
  • The placing of containers on the public highway should be in accordance with, and compliance to the relevant safety legislation and standards. There must be compliance with the Heath and Safety Executive (HSE) conditions and guidance notes. For the latest guidance and information, please visit the HSE website or telephone 08453450055.
  • All containers must be placed on the carriageway only. Due care with respect to pedestrian management must be taken when the contents are moved from the carriageway to site.
  • The containers must not prevent utilities from undertaking their statutory duty and therefore access to their plant must be allowed at all times.
  • All channels and gullies will be kept clear of obstructions or otherwise protected to permit the proper drainage of the highway.
  • Following completion of the licence period, the site shall be left in a clean and tidy condition. The council’s contractor will remove any staining of the public highway, and all costs will be charged to the licensee.
  • On completion of licence when site is clear the council needs to be informed in writing stating the date of site clear so that site inspection can be arranged.
  • If an extension of the licence is required, applications need to be applied 14 days before expiry of the existing licence. The extension fee is £258.50 per week. Unauthorised structures found to be working without a licence will be charged the standard management fee and weekly rental fee as well as a non-compliance fee of £280.50.
  • The containers must be lit during the hours of darkness.
  • Delivery and removal of all contents of the containers must be in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Safety Measures and Signs for Roadworks and Temporary Situations 1991.
  • The licensee shall make no claim against the Council in the event of the containers being damaged in any way from whatever cause.
  • You are reminded that wilful obstruction of the public highway is an offence (s137, Highways Act 1980). Recent legislation changes now allow the Council to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) to persons deemed to be responsible for such obstructions. The current level of fine is £100, £50 if paid within 28 days of issue.
  • The obstruction must not be sited within 20 metres of a:
    • Road junction
    • Bus stop/stand terminal
    • Traffic signals (temporary or permanent)
    • Pedestrian crossing
    • School, hospital or works entrances or exits
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