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Apply for a licence to place a container or multiple containers on the highway. 

Please note, requests to place containers (welfare units) temporarily on the highway do not qualify as a skip under the Highways Act 1980. They will only be permitted under exceptional circumstances where they are used in furtherance of the council’s wider aims and objectives.

How to apply

You must apply at least ten working days in advance, to allow enough time for Islington Council to process the licence and ensure the co-ordination of works. Please make sure you enclose the correct documentation as incorrect documentation could delay the process.

To apply, please complete the container licence application form. As part of the application, you must provide:

  • A drawing of the exact location of where containers are to be placed
  • The exact site address if different to where containers will be placed
  • A complete description of what the containers will be used for
  • The estimated dates the licence is required
  • The exact size of the containers
  • Confirmation that you hold a public liability policy in for the sum of £10million or above
  • An emergency contact number available 24 hours a day. This must be displayed on containers at all times

If you require parking bays to be suspended, you must apply for this separately by emailing

Fees and payment

You will be asked to pay:

  • a management fee of £264
  • a rental fee of £276 per week for each single container

You do not need to pay as part of the online application. If your application is approved, we will provide you with instructions explaining how to pay online by email.

The licence fee is payable if you apply and later cancel, once officers have inspected the site location. 

Apply for a containers licence

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