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A house or a converted flat

Houses and many houses converted into flats have weekly recycling and rubbish collections collected at ground level from the edge of their property.

What we collect

We collect: 

Find your collection day

Use ‘Your local area’ to find when we collect your recycling and waste. 

Your local area

If you can't find collections for your property, it may be because you get the same service as a flat above a shop or business. Please check collection times for this type of property.

When to leave your recycling and rubbish out for collection

You must place your recycling and rubbish in the correct containers and leave it outside at the edge of your property at ground level by 6am on the day of your collection.   

Containers and bags we provide

If you live in a house or converted flat we'll give you:  

  • free green boxes for mixed recycling
  • Free clear recycling bags can be collected from your local library
  • a free kitchen caddy for food waste recycling 
  • a free secure food waste recycling container for outside your property 
  • free compostable liners for kitchen waste caddies (you can collect these from your local library)
  • a free reusable heavy duty bag for garden waste.

Go to myeaccount to order your recycling containers.

If you don't have a heavy duty bag for garden waste, you can put it in open refuse sacks (this way we can see it's garden waste and not refuse).  

Please note, we do not provide residents with free wheelie bins or dustbins.

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