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Suspend a parking bay

A parking suspension will temporarily prohibit waiting and loading within the suspended area for all vehicles other than the permitted vehicle.

Download a suspension application

Complete the application form, photograph or scan it and email to parking suspensions. Please make sure the copy shows all parts and can be clearly read.

Suspension charges

Please note that a parking bay may be a large stretch of parking area and contain several individual parking spaces.

The cost for a resident to suspend a bay for a single day is £125 and £40 for each subsequent parking space per day.

The cost for a business or utility company to suspend a bay is £250 for the first day and £40 for each subsequent parking space per day.

If you wish to pay for a suspension by cheque, please use the IZS reference given and make it payable to 'Islington Parking Suspensions' and send it to:

Islington Parking Suspensions
PO Box 2025
WR10 9BU

Notice period for a suspension

We need 14 days’ notice for a parking suspension so that parking bay users are given enough warning. For single-use short stay parking bays, the notice period is seven days. Please make sure you apply in time.

Advanced warning notices

Advance warning notices will be displayed before a suspension starts. Where possible, these notices will be displayed on streets for residential parking with ten days’ notice. But whole parking bays and parking spaces can be suspended in 24 hrs or less in the event of an emergency. For single-use short stay parking bays, five days advanced warning notice will be given. 

Suspension signs

We use special yellow signs to show where a bay is suspended.

As this sign is not one of the usual signs you see on street we have approval from the Department for Transport in order to use it.

Where we can’t suspend bays

We can only suspend parking spaces on the public highway.

We cannot suspend yellow lines, zebra crossings or keep clear areas.

The council is not responsible for suspensions on red routes, housing estates or private roads.

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