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Parking to move home

You can park outside your home when you are moving home free of charge

Liveried vehicles

These are vehicles you can hire. They must clearly show the company branding and logo. Removal company vehicles and/or hire vehicles can park for as long as you need if:

  • you are parked on a single yellow line or in a resident bay
  • loading is continuous (without a break)
  • there is no other loading restriction in place.

Un-liveried vehicles

These vehicles have the same rules as liveried vehicles, but with more restrictions:

  • un-liveried vehicles can park from midnight on the day you are loading and unloading for as long as you need until 11am
  • after 11am you can park for up to 40 minutes at a time.

Please use our maps to view the types of parking that are available near your address.

Estate parking

If you are moving to or from an estate, contact Housing Services for advice about getting a temporary estate parking permit. You cannot use the standard rules for liveried or un-liveried vehicles.

Breaks in loading and unloading

If you think there will be breaks in the loading and unloading or your removal vehicle then you should purchase a permission to park and park in a bay, not on a yellow line.

There are also short-stay bays on most residential streets in Islington. Use our maps to see where you can find them.

If you wish to guarantee a space close to your home you should consider suspending a bay. We need at least 14 days’ notice to process your application in time.

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