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Clamping and vehicle removal

How we deal with illegally or dangerously parked vehicles

Clamping vehicles

Clamps are rarely used in Islington. They are still occasionally used to catch those who persistently park illegally or drivers committing permit fraud.

Removing or relocating vehicles

On occasion, the council has to remove dangerously or illegally parked vehicles from the street or relocate them to another suitable bay elsewhere in the street.

When this happens the council immediately notify a service provided by London councils called TRACE. TRACE hold details of all vehicles that have been removed or relocated by local authorities within the London area.

Drivers unsure of whether a vehicle has been relocated or removed can call TRACE on 0300 077 0100. 

Drivers may also use the direct link to the TRACE website.

Releasing a vehicle

To pay for the release of a clamp, or to collect a vehicle that we have removed, the driver will need to go to our vehicle pound in person.

They will need to take personal identification and proof of ownership of the vehicle.

Unit 1
Waltham Park Way
Billet Road
E17 5DU

The car pound opening hours are as follows:

Mon – Sat – 7am – 10pm
Sun – 8am – 8pm
Public Holidays 8am -4pm

Tel: 020 7527 1381 07.00am – 9.30pm (Mon to Sat) 08:00am to 7.30pm (Sun) and 8am to 3.30pm (Public Holidays)

Clamping and removal fees

London Councils set the fees applicable to clamping and removal. These are shown below:

Release from clamp £70

Release from car pound £200

Storage charge £40 per day

Disposal fee £70

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