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Skip licence

If you need to keep a skip on a highway, you’ll need to apply for a licence.

How to get a skip licence

You can only apply for a skip licence if you’re a company who holds a waste carriers licence and at least £10 million public liability insurance.

Apply for a skip licence

  • The charge is £120 per calendar month.
  • It allows you to keep your skip in a parking bay that you have arranged to be suspended, or on a single yellow line directly outside the property (if this does not impact traffic or access to premises).
  • Your application will take five days to process.

Skips in an area with restricted parking

You may want to put a skip in an area with restricted parking. There are two ways to do this.

14 days minimum notice

To suspend a specific parking bay to keep a skip near your house, pay an administration charge of £133.40 (for residents) or £266.75 (for non-residents). It then costs £42.70 a day to suspend a specific bay. Apply to suspend a parking bay using this form.

Short notice permission

For permission to put a skip in an available bay in your area, buy a permit which costs £85.40 a day. Apply to place a skip in a parking bay.

Roads with skip restrictions

On certain roads, different rules apply to where and what time you can use skips. Download a list of streets with skip restrictions (PDF 56KB)

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