Buy visitor vouchers

Residents can purchase visitor parking vouchers to enable their guests and visitors to park close by.

We have introduced the use of electronic or e-vouchers (resident visitor permits) to make it easier for residents to organise visitor parking as and when they need and reducing the need to wait for paper vouchers in the post.

Vehicles displaying a visitor voucher will be entitled to park in any resident permit holder bay or any resident shared-use bay, within the zone it is valid for. The voucher will only be valid for the time you request and pay for. The owner of the vehicle may be liable for a Penalty Charge Notice if they do not park within the parking bay markings or if they park in any other type of parking bay. The voucher will not entitle the user to park in contravention of other restrictions (for example if the parking bay has been suspended). Please check the bay signage before parking.

You can check your parking zone by typing your postcode into our 'Your local area' search.

Vouchers for faith organisations

Faith organisations in Islington can apply for 200 hours of free visitor vouchers per year to facilitate parking for visitors to places of worship.

We identify a place of worship as a building that has a long established use as a place of worship, or has planning consent for use as a place of worship.

These vouchers can be used to park vehicles in resident, or resident/shared use bays in the controlled parking zone where the place of worship is located.

To apply, print off and complete this application form.

You can either scan or photograph the finished form and email it to or post to: Parking Permit Team, London Borough of Islington, PO BOX 34750, London, N7 9WF. 

New parent vouchers

All new parents living in Islington can apply for 40 hours of free visitor vouchers so that family and friends can park near your home.

The vouchers are available to parents of new born and newly adopted children.

You can apply for these vouchers by post up to three months before, or three months after the birth or adoption of your child.

Download a new parent voucher application form.

You can either scan or photograph the finished form and email it to or post to: Parking Permit Team, London Borough of Islington, PO BOX 34750, London, N7 9WF.

Ultra Low Emission Zone 

An Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be launched in central London, including Bunhill and Clerekenwell from 8 April 2019. Make sure you understand what ULEZ is by visiting the ULEZ webpage.