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Emirates Stadium restrictions

Find out about additional parking restrictions on Arsenal home match days.

When there is a football match or event at the Emirates Stadium, there may be extra parking controls. The parking controls are to stop people visiting the stadium from parking in spaces that are for people who live and work in the area.

Find out when Arsenal are playing at home

  • Visit Arsenal's website to find out about matches at the Emirates Stadium.
  • Check the Arsenal local updates page for the latest on games and events - you can also sign up for their local updates newsletter at the bottom of their page.
  • Arsenal FC has also set up an automated calendar download service to notify supporters and local residents when match dates are set
  • If you would like information about parking near the Emirates, or to see if fixtures or events are taking place at the stadium you can phone the events hotline on 0207 619 5000.

How additional match day controls work

See the latest updates on the Arsenal local updates page for upcoming events and games when additional match day controls will apply.

Additional match day controls are for:

  • all Arsenal men's and women’s home games that sell more than - or are expected to sell more than - 10,000 tickets
  • any non-football event that sells more than - or is expected to sell more than - 10,000 tickets.

See our map of controlled parking zones to check your additional match day hours or see the information under 'Additional match day controlled parking zone (CPZ) operating hours' on this page.

Drivers with Islington resident permit, business permits and any Blue Badge holders can park as usual. Read more about Blue Badge holder rules under 'Parking for blue badge holders' on this page.

Parking for non-residents during additional match day controls

  • £12.50 per hour plus
    • fuel surcharge of £2 to £3.75 per hour for petrol vehicles depending on your emissions
    • fuel surcharge of £6.50 per hour for diesel vehicles
    • concessionary rate of £2 for electric vehicles.

Parking with visitor e-vouchers during additional match day controls

  • £2 per half hour plus
    • fuel surcharge of 20p to 35p per half hour for petrol vehicles depending on your emissions
    • fuel surcharge of 50p per half hour for diesel vehicles.

You cannot use paper visitor vouchers during additional match day controls. Paper visitor vouchers can only be used until additional match day controls begin and after they end.

Buy visitor e-vouchers

Buy additional match day control vouchers separately from other e-vouchers

You must buy any e-vouchers you need for additional match day controls separately from any other e-visitor vouchers you need to buy. This is because the price is higher during match day controls.

For example, if need to book e-visitor hours until 7pm and match day controls begin at 6.30pm, you must book one set of vouchers up to 6.30pm and then buy additional match day control vouchers for the last 30 minutes parking.

The RingGo notifications may not tell you to do this. Please make sure you've done this correctly before you park. 

Additional match day controlled parking zone (CPZ) operating hours  

Zone  Weekday (Monday to Friday) Saturday Sunday and bank holidays
E 6.30pm to 8.30pm 1.30pm to 4.30pm 12pm (noon) to 4.30pm
F 6.30pm to 8.30pm 1.30pm to 4.30pm 12pm (noon) to 4.30pm
G 2pm to 8.30pm 12pm (noon) to 4.30pm 12pm (noon) to 4.30pm
H 6.30pm to 8.30pm 1.30pm to 4.30pm 12pm (noon) to 4.30pm
J 6.30pm to 8.30pm 1.30pm to 4.30pm 12pm (noon) to 4.30pm
L 6.30pm to 8.30pm 1.30pm to 4.30pm 12pm (noon) to 4.30pm
N 6.30pm to 8.30pm 1.30pm to 4.30pm 12pm (noon) to 4.30pm
Q 6.30pm to 8.30pm 12pm (noon) to 4.30pm 12pm (noon) to 4.30pm
V 6.30pm to 8.30pm 1.30pm to 4.30pm 12pm (noon) to 4.30pm

Extra notices on parking controlled parking zone signs will tell you when additional controls start. These will be displayed around three days before a home match or stadium event. 

Parking for Blue Badge holders

Additional match day controls do not change where Blue Badge holders can park. This includes:

  • on single and double yellow lines (where there are no loading and waiting restrictions) for up to three hours, providing the clock card is displayed and set to your time of arrival and not parked where the vehicle can cause a dangerous obstruction.
  • in resident bays, shared use bays, and short stay bays for an unlimited time
  • in designated disabled bays for an unlimited time (please note: there are a small number of time limited disabled bays, please check the sign to confirm how long you can park). These do not include dedicated disabled bays for a specific disabled resident.

All drivers, including Blue Badge holders, are not allowed to park in a suspended parking bay or area at any time. Check signs for suspended parking especially during events at the stadium.

Parking suspensions around the Emirates Stadium

  • When there is an event at the Emirates, some parking bays around the stadium are suspended. Please check the signs for details of future suspensions.
  • The date of the next event will be shown at the bottom of the signs.
  • Parking bays on Drayton Park - between Benwell Road and Bryantwood Road - will be suspended when the location is required for coach parking. 

People-friendly streets restrictions during match days

The Highbury people-friendly street is designed to accommodate regular match day arrangements. The does not prevent residents from driving to and from their homes when Emirates Stadium restrictions are in operation. 

To ensure residents can access their roads on match days:

  • the traffic filters at Aubert Park and Highbury Place/Calabria Road will be suspended during the match day restrictions
  • enforcement signage at the suspended traffic filters will be covered up during the suspension and removed once the road restrictions are lifted after the match.

In June 2022, we replaced the signage at the camera-enforced traffic filters that are suspended for periods on match days with new foldable signage. The signs will be fixed position with a blank sign showing when the traffic filters are suspended to make the status of the traffic filter clear for residents and local people.

The suspension of the Aubert Park filter will let residents living on Stavordale Road, Martineau Road, and Highbury Hill (between the junctions of Martineau Road and Aubert Park) access their roads, to prevent them being trapped when Drayton Park is closed to motor traffic.

The suspension of the Highbury Place/Calabria Road filter will allow residents living in the Highbury Fields area an alternative route along Baalbec Road. This is because the temporary closure of Drayton Park on match days will prevent residents from using the new access route leading to Fieldway Crescent via Horsell Road.

The road closure at the junction of Ronalds Road and Horsell Road which is removed as part of the people-friendly street, will be temporarily reinstated on match days and operated by Arsenal stewards. This will mean that access arrangements for residents of Witherington Road, and sections of Arvon Road, Ronalds Road and Horsell Road, will remain as they are now on match days.

See the map of the Highbury people-friendly streets neighbourhood.

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