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People-friendly streets in Highbury

Highbury, like many neighbourhoods within the borough, has suffered from increased traffic volumes in recent years from the use of the area as a short-cut. We are introducing people-friendly streets neighbourhoods in Highbury West and Highbury Fields to reduce through traffic and make the area safer and healthier for all.

The Highbury West and Highbury Fields people-friendly streets trial schemes will not prevent residents from driving to and from their homes if they currently can when Arsenal’s Match Day Restrictions are brought into effect.

Highbury West

  • We have installed eight traffic filters in Highbury West. 
  • Six new camera enforced traffic filters have been installed on Aubert Park, Benwell Road, Gillepsie Road, Highbury Hill, Monsell Road and St. Thomas’s Road.  
  • Two further new filters, physically enforced by bollards, have been installed at Avenell Road and Plimsoll Road.  
  • Two of the new filters make use of existing traffic control infrastructure: the existing width restriction on Benwell Road will be converted into a traffic filter and the point no entry on Gillespie road, currently preventing traffic travelling west, will be converted to prevent traffic flow from both directions of travel. 
  • Both of the bollard enforced traffic filters feature a removable central bollard allowing access for fire service vehicles, if required.   

For more information, read Highbury West people-friendly streets: more details about the trial measures [PDF].

Highbury Fields

  • We have installed two camera enforced traffic filters in Highbury Fields.
  • Both new traffic filters have been installed on Highbury Place; one located south of the junction with Calabria Road and the other at the junction with Highbury Corner. 
  • We are aware that this will mean residents living to the west of Highbury Place who need to drive to their homes, will now only be able to do so by turning into Fieldway Crescent from Holloway road, which is subject to a banned right turn when travelling north on Holloway Road. In order to make access to the neighbourhood easier for these residents, we removed an existing traffic filter at the junction of Horsell Road and Ronalds Road. This will give residents an additional way to access the area from Holloway Road, by turning onto Drayton Park and travelling south via Horsell Road.  
  • Removing this traffic filter requires that we also designate a small section of roads as one-way to prevent road danger. This minor one-way circuit will be located on Horsell Road, Ronalds Road, Arvon Road and Witherington Road.
  • Furthermore, to avoid the filter removal creating a new short-cut route, a ban on right turn movements from Horsell Road onto Ronalds Road has also been introduced.   

For more information, read Highbury Fields people-friendly streets: more details about the trial measures [PDF].


We have now published our first interim monitoring report for the Highbury PFS trial schemes. Both the Highbury West and Highbury Fields trial schemes are analysed within the report. Interim and pre-consultation reports will be published for each PFS trial area.


We are also introducing surveys for each people-friendly streets neighbourhood and the surveys for the Highbury schemes are available for residents to fill in now.

Highbury West survey  Highbury Fields survey

How do I drive during Arsenal match days?

On Arsenal match days, some of the roads around the Emirates Stadium are temporarily closed off to motor traffic, to create safe and efficient access routes for supporters to get to and from the stadium. Which roads are closed depends on the number of supporters expected to attend a match, with the full set of closures taking place when attendance is expected to exceed 10,000 spectators. At certain times during these road closures, residents living on roads which are closed off, are temporarily unable to access their roads by motor vehicle.

It is important that the people-friendly streets neighbourhood trials for Highbury West and Highbury Fields are designed to accommodate regular match day arrangements. This is because the match day arrangements form part of the agreement with the emergency services and the Club for the safe operation of the stadium.

The Highbury West and Highbury Fields people-friendly streets trial schemes will not prevent residents from driving to and from their homes when Arsenal’s match day restrictions are in operation.

To ensure residents can access their roads on match days, the traffic filters at Aubert Park and Highbury Place/Calabria Road will be suspended during the match day restrictions. Enforcement signage at the suspended traffic filters will be covered up during the suspension and removed once the road restrictions are lifted after the match.

The suspension of the Aubert Park filter will let residents living on Stavordale Road, Martineau Road, and Highbury Hill (between the junctions of Martineau Road and Aubert Park) access their roads, to prevent them being trapped when Drayton Park is closed to motor traffic.

The suspension of the Highbury Place/Calabria Road filter will allow residents living in the Highbury Fields people-friendly streets area an alternative route along Baalbec Road. This is because the temporary closure of Drayton Park on match days will prevent residents from using the new access route leading to Fieldway Crescent via Horsell Road.

The road closure at the junction of Ronalds Road and Horsell Road which is being removed as part of the people-friendly streets neighbourhood trial, will be temporarily reinstated on match days and operated by Arsenal stewards. This will mean that access arrangements for residents of Witherington Road, and sections of Arvon Road, Ronalds Road and Horsell Road, will remain as they are now on match days.

You can also visit Arsenal’s Local Residents’ Information webpage for further information.

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