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Reporting poor conditions

If you rent your home from a private landlord and it is in a poor state of repair or is unsafe there are steps you can take to make the landlord carry out the needed work

Problems we can help to resolve include but are not limited to damp and mould, lack of or insufficient heating, lack of smoke alarms, fire safety, pest infestations, uneven floors, lack of handrails to steps and stairs, unguarded edges, property security.

Tell your landlord first

This may seem obvious but many people do not give their landlord enough information to be able to fix a problem.  You must always contact your landlord first.

This also applies if you are in temporary accommodation – it is the landlord who is responsible for making repairs.

If your landlord will not make the repairs then you should report poor conditions.

You will be contacted within 3 working days of sending your report.

A council officer will visit you within as soon as possible. We aim to deal with very urgent issues within 24 hours.

They will identify the defects and decide what action they can take, if any.

The officer will contact your landlord or landlady to carry out the necessary action.

Emergency enforcement

If the situation is dangerous please call  0207 7527 3001

Protection against eviction

Since October 2014 it has been illegal to evict tenants where there is an investigation being conducted by environmental health. This is to protect tenants who have bad landlords and may be concerned about revenge evictions.

Once you have submitted your complaint you can send any photos of the issue you are complaining of to residential.envh@islington.gov.uk adding the property address the photos relate to in the subject box of the email.

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