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Bemerton Children's Centre

About Bemerton Children's Centre including its approach, contact details, testimonials and a virtual tour.

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Contact details 

Phone number: 020 7527 4806


Address: 1a Coatbridge House, Carnoustie Drive, Islington, London N1 0DX

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About the centre

We are based in the Bemerton estate within the Caledonian ward of Islington. In February 2022 we received an Outstanding in our Ofsted inspection which said: "Children thrive in this exceptional nursery. They develop strong attachments with the caring and attentive staff" and "teaching is superb."

Children learn through play and remain at the heart of the curriculum. At our nursery, adults are skilled in recognising where they need to stand back and observe and where they need to engage, guide, and extend children’s learning. Each day offers fun, engaging and challenging experiences which children will remember and ultimately learn from.  

We have a highly qualified, experienced, and diverse staff team dedicated to providing excellent practice. Our staff continue to develop professionally and work in partnership with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals.   

We aim to build relationships with parents, carers and other family members to provide positive experiences for children and their families. The door is always open for feedback and we welcome all comments and suggestions.   

We have a fantastic enabling environment with lots of opportunities for digging, growing and harvesting our home-grown vegetables. Children can experience Yoga, Forest School and we aim to provide all children with 3 culturally enriching experiences by the age of three. 

Virtual tour

See a virtual tour of Bemerton Children's Centre.


  • "As parents, we couldn't be happier with Bemerton Children's Centre. Our son has loved it from day one and has built strong bonds with his friends and staff there. He's always happy, excited, and tired after a day in nursery, and he has often learned something new. Most importantly, the trust I have in the caring, engaging and competent staff makes me so glad we chose Bemerton." -  Parent 
  • "For me Bemerton has been my second home for over 10 years. We are proud of the best care that we give to our children. I love my team and the work that we do is important for our children and families" - Staff member

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