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Registered childcare and early education in Islington is available at nurseries including children’s centres, with childminders and at after-school and holiday clubs.

Covid-19 update

if your child is in the vulnerable group or you're a critical worker, it's still safe to keep your child at home if you can.

If you can't work from home or make other arrangements, then some childcare providers are staying open. Your current childcare provider may still be operating, or others in your area will be open.

If you need childcare, please email fis@islington.gov.uk We are receiving regular updates on providers which are open/closed.

Find local providers

If you're having difficulties finding childcare, contact the Family Information Service on 020 7527 5959 or email fis@islington.gov.uk 

What to look for when choosing childcare 

Registered childcare is inspected by Ofsted. Find further advice and information on choosing childcare

How to apply for childcare 

Apply directly to each provider for childcare and early education, including nursery classes in schools. You do not apply through the Council – there is no central admissions process. 

Islington's Early Years admissions policy (PDF) sets out how we offer places at council-funded nurseries, including children’s centres, nursery classes in schools and community nurseries.

Starting school - the reception class 

Children in Islington usually start school in the reception class of primary school, in the school year in which they turn five. You need to apply online for a primary school place

Out of School Childcare Consultation Report

In March 2017, Islington Council carried out an on-line survey to consult parents/carers and childcare providers on actions it was taking to reduce the impact of cuts in funding of after school and holiday childcare for working parents. Most of the cuts were outside the control of the council.

There were 187 responses. The biggest concern raised was the ability of parents, especially lone parents, to be able to work if charges increased as a result of the cuts. Islington Council has therefore found some interim funding to subsidise after school and holiday childcare, not just between April and August 2017 as originally planned, but up to March 2018. This will give more time to childcare settings to plan changes to charges and services and to the council to understand the impact of help for working parents with the costs of childcare, including the new Tax-free Childcare.

Please find attached a report which sets out the results of the survey and the response from the council.


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