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Advertising boards, tables and chairs

We carefully consider all license applications for advertising boards (A-boards), tables and chairs on our streets.

Since 1 April 2020, our fees for tables and chairs licences are calculated, based on the square metre of area required for your furniture and the banding of your street.

We do this to balance the needs of businesses with the practical needs of pedestrians.

It also helps to ensure our pavements are kept clear of unauthorised obstructions, so that everyone can move about safely.

Please also see Pavement licence which is a new temporary alternative licence, introduced by the government to assist the return of the hospitality trade due to Coronavirus.

If you want to report tables, chairs and / or advertising boards that are causing an obstruction, visit our ASB page.

  • A-boards

    Apply for a licence for A-boards only

  • A-boards, tables and chairs

    Apply for a licence for both A-boards, tables and chairs

  • Tables and chairs

    Apply for a licence for tables and chairs only

  • Pavement licence

    Apply to the council to place furniture, as well as tables and chairs on the highway to sell or serve food or drink in connection with the use of the adjacent premise.

  • Street banding

    The cost of a licence for tables, chairs, A-boards and trading on private land is dependent on the banding of the street.