Apply for an A-board licence

If you want to advertise your business using an A-board on a public street then you must apply for a licence from us.

Please note, A-boards are not permitted on TFL red routes. 


The application form can be downloaded from Useful documents below and sent to the Trading on our streets team.

We need to know the exact proposed details of the advertising board on a scale drawing indicating its dimensions, width of pavement and its proximity to the kerb.

You will have to send a photo or illustration type of A-Board you propose to use.

You need to provide a signed agreement form for fees, public liability and conditions.

All applicants must also hold a public liability policy for the sum of £5 million or above.

The application process normally takes four weeks to complete.

Please note, you cannot place A-boards on a highway until a licence has been agreed and issued.


The fees are per item and the amount is dependent on the road banding:

Band A = £408.00

Band B = £293.00

Band C = £125.00

See what banding your street falls under.

After you apply

We are obliged by legislation to consult interested parties and give members of the public and other council officers the opportunity to comment.

Once we receive your application form a site visit will be arranged in order for our inspectors to assess the footway, advise you of what is appropriate and guide you through the rest of the application process.

The permission shall run from the date of issue for a period of one year. 

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