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Apply for a new special treatments premises licence

Who needs to apply and how to apply for a new special treatments premises licence.

After you apply

What you need to do

You need to ensure all the relevant safety documents are available upon inspection at the premises (see guidance notes and application form under 'Useful documents' below).

You also need to advertise your application by displaying a notice on the premises for 28 days. You can download this from ‘Useful documents’ below. 

Copies of your application will also need to be sent to the police and fire brigade. We will do this on your behalf if you make your application electronically. 

What we do

We will need to survey the premises to determine whether the premises comply with our safety and licensing standards. We may require works to be done before an operational licence can be issued. 

If there are no objections to the application, the licence will be granted once the 28 day application period has passed. If there are objections, they will be referred to the council licensing committee to make a decision whether or not to grant the licence. You will be given at least two weeks’ notice if your application is being referred. 

You can appeal against the licensing committee's decision not to grant a licence within 21 days of being notified of their decision. Appeals can be made to the local magistrates' court. 

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