Standard licence conditions for sexual entertainment venues

Licensed sex entertainment venues in Islington are expected to adhere to the conditions outlined below.


  • the approved layout of the premises shall not be altered without our prior consent. 
  • the licensee shall ensure that the interior of the premises where sexual entertainment is offered shall not be capable of being seen from the outside of the premises, and that the exterior is maintained to a satisfactory level of decorum. 
  • the sexual entertainment shall take place only in the areas designated by us and the approved access to the dressing room(s) shall be maintained whilst sexual entertainment is taking place and immediately thereafter. 
  • CCTV shall be installed to cover the inside and the outside of the premises covering all areas to which the public have access, including private performance areas and booths, entrances and exits but excluding toilets. All cameras shall continually record while the premises are open to the public and the recorded images shall be kept available for a minimum of 31 days. Recorded images shall be made available to an authorised officer or a police officer together with facilities for viewing. The recordings for the preceding two days shall be made available immediately on request. Recordings outside this period shall be made available on 24 hours notice.
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